Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Audi Crosslane Coupé Concept Wallpapers

A 2-door SUV with a targa roof, we did not know that yet! We had predicted that convertible SUVs would be totally trendy, but a targa SUV we had not seen. And that's not the only feature of this Audi.

Obviously, there is a plug-in hybrid (or you are not hip) and under the hood is a 1.5 TFSI three cylinders, produces 130 hp. The engine is supported by two electric motors and provides an output of 177 hp.
The fuel consumption of this SUV light (1,390 pounds) with a removable roof, according to Audi is only 1.1 l/100 km while. Emit 26 grams of CO2 per km

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