Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Venus passing: Ingrid Pitt (1937-2010)

Agent Triple P lost one of his early cinematic crushes yesterday with the death of Hammer Films actress Ingrid Pitt, star of such films as Countess Dracula and The Vampire Lovers.

She was a famous  figure (in every sense!) in the British horror scene despite the fact that she made comparatively few films.  However, both Countess Dracula and The Vampire Lovers appeared at a time when Hammer was putting nudity in their films for the first time, after a relaxation in 1970 by the British Board of Film Censors as to what was allowable in an "X" certificate film.   Ingrid's memorably naked turns in these two films were enough to build a reputation that continues to this day, when other starlets from the same period are largely forgotten. 

She was a comparatively elderly 33 when she made The Vampire Lovers but the slightly exotic and statuesque actress was perfect for her role as a lesbian vampire who seduces younger women (notably a very young Madeleine Smith - above).  Despite having relaxed what could be shown on screen the censors were very concerned by the content of this film but the box office was tremendous.

The picture of her in the bath taken on the set of The Vampire Lovers is one of the most iconic from Hammer and, indeed, British films of the seventies.  Following that up as a blood drenched monster who was portrayed as bathing in virgins' blood sealed her reputation as Britain's Queen of Horror.  

Countess Dracula

Pitt had a very hard start in life.  She was born Ingoushka Petrov on 21st November 1937 in Poland to a Jewish mother and a German father who was trying to flee Nazi Germany.  Her mother, Ingrid, went into labour on a train, ending their attempt to leave the country.  Later the family was sent to a concentration camp when she was five after her father, a scientist, refused to work on the German rocket programme.  After three years in a concentration camp she and her mother were being marched, with other prisoners, back to Germany when an allied plane strafed the column and she and her mother escaped into the woods.  Eventually, weeks later, the Red Cross found them and explained that the war was over.  They took her to  East Berlin where she was reunited with her father.  It was her father, through taking her on regular visits to the cinema, who got her interested in acting. She briefly studied medicine and worked as a typist before joining Bertolt Brecht's Berliner Ensemble theatre company.  Her outspoken views on communism got her into trouble but in 1962 she escaped East Berlin by swimming across the River Spree, and was fished out by an American soldier, Roland Pitt, who she married.  She went to America and her first acting roles were on stage there. The marriage didn't last long and she returned to Europe getting bit parts in Spanish films after a Spanish film producer saw a picture of her taken at a bullfight.  In 1968 she got a larger part in Where Eagles Dare (1968) which was made at Borehamwood studios outside London; the first time she had been to the UK, where she would eventually settle.  The following year she met James Carreras, one of the founders of Hammer Films, at a post-premiere party for Alfred the Great and persuaded him that she wanted to appear in one of his films.   The next day he gave her the script of The Vampire Lovers (1970).

The film was a hit although she got into an argument with the film's producers Harry Fine and Michael Style which eventually resulted in them casting another actress, Yutte Stensgaard, for the follow-up Lust for a Vampire (1971).  She returned to Hammer for Countess Dracula (1971) which was very loosely based on the life of Countess Elizabeth Bathory (and had nothing to do with Dracula at all but obviously Hammer weren't too concerned about the difference between Romania and Hungary).  She was mortified to find out that her voice had been dubbed in the latter film  and next time she met director Peter Sasdy she pushed him into the sea.

She made a few more films in the seventies and eighties, notably The House That Dripped Blood (1971) for Hammer's rival Amicus, cult favourite The Wicker Man (1973) and SAS thriller Who Dares Wins (1982). She also returned to the US and made some TV appearances there as well as back in Britain, including Doctor Who. Later she turned to writing although she returned to the screen in 2008 for the Hammer homage, Sea of Dust (2008).

She certainly made an impression on Agent Triple P when he first saw her in The Vampire Lovers when it was first shown on late night TV in the mid-seventies.

She had been unwell for some time and died in a South London hospital yesterday at the age of seventy three.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Venus in a Vest 1: Elizabeth Banks

When asked, as he once was, what article of clothing he finds sexiest on a woman, Agent Triple P has only one answer: a white cotton vest (closely followed by a grey cotton vest).  Whilst we appreciate the decorative effect of a finely wrought piece or two of La Perla or the clingy effectiveness of a Herge Leger bandage dress it is the simple vest which we enjoy the most as we find they can emphasise beautifully the female form.

Now we may need a word or two of clarification for our North American readers here.  In that part of the world a "vest" is what we would in Britain call a "waistcoat"  which is something a gentleman wears under his jacket but on top of his shirt.  In North America a "vest" in the British sense is more usually referred to as a "tank".  In the UK a "tank top" is a sleeveless sweater named (as is the US garment) after the padded, sleeveless jackets worn by the crews of His Majesty's Land Ships in the world's first tanks in World War 1.

Whatever you call it, Agent Triple P thinks that it is a garment which carries an unusually high erotic charge.  However, to impart this charge there are a number of key requirements.  Firstly, and most importantly, it must be worn with nothing underneath. Secondly, it needs to be either fairly tight or very loose; so it either clings closely to the nipples, like Ms Banks' example here, or it must be loose enough that glimpses of the side of the breasts can be seen through the armholes.  Thirdly, ideally, it shouldn't be worn with anything else.  Now Ms Banks is a Hollywood actress and so is rather more modest than, say, her European equivalent might be.  Nevertheless, her brief black knickers work quite well in these shots.

Now Agent Triple P's first experience of a young lady dressed this way was many years ago in Rome.  Triple P had been, for the first time, to a nightclub.  He was taken there by his aristocratic Italian friend M (actually all of Triple P's friends in Italy were aristocratic).  Now we admit we don't know much about nightclubs but this seemed a rather good establishment.  It was called Gilda (after the Rita Hayworth film) and is on 97 Via Mario de' Fiori off Via Frattini; not far from the Spanish steps.

Gilda had only been open a year or so but then, as now, it was the nightclub to be seen in in Rome.  It is certainly the only place that Triple P has been that had a selective door policy.  Oddly, we got in with no problem, largely because both M and Triple P worked at a very well known and venerable City institution which seemed more admired in Italy than in London.  Triple P's friend M made great play of this and it genuinely seemed to impress them!

We had a very good dinner in the upstairs restaurant and then went downstairs to the main floor.  By this time (midnight on a Friday night) the place was starting to fill up.  M and Agent Triple P soon had a group of around four or five nice young Italian girls at our table.  Most of them spoke very little English but they seemed very intrigued by Triple P.  We wouldn't have thought English people were that exotic but there you are.  All these girls, and indeed most of the women there, were wearing little black cocktail dresses.  Triple P, much to M's annoyance, as he was an inveterate ladies man, was doing rather well with three of these girls but M kept hinting (rather unsportingly, in retrospect) that Triple P shouldn't go near them (it was the height os the AIDS scare). 

Triple P, on one of those rare occasions brought on by a surfeit of Champagne, ended up on the dance floor with one P who wasn't part of the original group but had edged her way in latterly.  We were most impressed with P as she was tall (5'6" at least) whereas the other girls were all around the 5' to 5'2" mark (Roman girls are very petite compared with, say, Milanese girls).  She was also blonde and, most strikingly, was wearing a clingy, scarlet dress which was very short indeed (she had world class legs).  Nothing M could say was going to persuade Triple P to leave this young lady alone.   He could have told us that she had Bubonic Plague and it wouldn't have made any difference.  It was just one of those occasions when you just know that you are going to end up in bed by the end of the night.

In fact we were wrong, at least initially.  Whilst we did end up in P's rather rambling old apartment not far from Piazza Navona it was not, of course, the night but rather early in the morning.  Certainly 3.00am or later.  Triple P had P been together for a couple of hours but we had barely said a word to each other; given the noise in the nightclub.  One might have expected some sort of small talk inside but, no, we had literally only just got through the door to her apartment when P started to unbutton Triple P's New & Lingwood shirt. We didn't end up in bed as we never got further than the rug in the living room.  Triple P had had quite a lot to drink so we don't remember much about the activities except the next day we both had carpet burns on our knees which usually indicates a certain amount of dragging about.

Anyway, the point of this rather rambling reminiscence is that we awoke the following morning at around eleven thirty in P's bed but with no sign of P.  We were feeling not bad, considering, (we find that Champagne doesn't impart a hangover) but felt that we needed to locate P so that we could quickly establish the exact nature of our relationship the morning after (always a tricky thing in such encounters). 

We found P in the bathroom standing at the washbasin dressed in a white cotton vest and nothing else.  She was leaning forward towards the mirror which meant that the hem of the vest was just not quite showing her bottom.   Agreeably, she stayed dressed like this for the rest of the day which we spent in her apartment before gingerly venturing out to dinner in Trastevere that evening.  After this first memorable encounter with a young lady so dressed we have since become something of a connoisseur on the ideal hem length of said garment.  We have decided that it needs to just cover the posterior and the groin.  But only just; so that if the lady stretches up to reach anything or bends down for anything a delightful flash is given.  Anyway we will see more girls in vests in due course...

A quick word about the young lady decorating this post.  She is Elizabeth Banks, an American actress.  Born in Massachusetts in 1974 she got her first acting job in 1998 and has appeared in a number of films and TV series including all three Spiderman films, Seabiscuit, Catch Me if you Can and the TV series 30 Rock.  She is quite a busy actress averaging around four films a year.  We haven't seen any of her productions, other than Spiderman, and don't remember her in that but latterly her roles have been getting bigger.  Anyway, we think she looks lovely in her white vest and that is really the point (points?) of this post!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

October Venus: Cynthia Brimhall

Cynthia Brimhall from October 1985

Time to review October's offerings from the Bunny Mag over the last 55 years or so.  Not a classic month, October; we found that the top five very quickly became apparent.  There wasn't really an outstanding candidate as there have been some months and we were down to a choice of only two for our October centrefold of the month very quickly. 

Eventually we chose Cynthia Brimhall for a number of compelling reasons.  Firstly, she has a nicely smouldering femme fatale expression; no girl next door here.  She looks like she is ready for a night of passion with you knowing that she has already sabotaged the brakes on your car and drained your bank account.  Secondly, the combination of black stockings and lace gloves on her pale skin looks tremendous.  Thirdly, photographer Richard Fegley has done an excellent job of lighting the contours of her splendid body.  Finally, she has a wonderfully fluffy looking pussy that makes Agent Triple P's fingers twitch with anticipation of a delightfully tactile fingertip experience.   Cynthia later featured heavily in the series of low budget exploitation films by Andy Sidaris which just seem to exist in order to give former Playmates "acting" roles.  Any why not?  She later went on to be a Las Vegas showgirl starring in the Skintight revue at Harrah's in 2000 and 2001.

Brittany York from October 1990

Almost making it to number one was the this cute shot of Miss October 1990, Brittany York.  Brittany is actually English and was born in High Wycombe (nor far from where Agent DVD comes from) but was brought up in Hong Kong.  Under her real name of Alison Armitage she has had a reasonably successful modelling, TV and film career.  Photographer Arny Freytag has certainly encapsulted innocent but naughty in this shot which has a sort of French feel to it.   In fact "Brittany" has some French blood and is a fluent French speaker.  Ooh la la!

Tracy Vaccaro from October 1983

Back seven years to Tracy Vaccaro, a classically trained dancer, in another Arny Freytag shoot.  Her career was rather the oposite of Brittany's as she started as a Las Vegas showgirl and then became an actress appearing in several US TV series.  In addition, her ballet toned legs famously won a competition/audition to appear as the "legs" in Blake Edwards The Man who Loved Women (1983) shortly before she appeared in Playboy.  Her splendid muscle tone is evident in this shot as his her magnificent golden fleece.  We also like the fact that she is on a sunbed.  A couple of years after this was taken Agent Triple P was involved with a young lady who belonged to the same gym as he did in London.  We used to book into one of the sunbed rooms and take it in turns for a little unhealthy ultraviolet during the winter months.  There was something delightfully illicit about both going into the sunbed room together (which was strictly forbidden) and it always seemed to get the young lady very frisky!

Ursula Buchfellner from October 1979

Mirror shots such as this are relatively unusual in Playboy compared with Penthouse which featured them a lot.  This particularly effective shot of Miss October 1979, Ursula Buchfellner, was by German photographer Peter Weissbrich who had discovered her in Munich and had her pose for German Playboy.  As a child she was so poor she didn't get to see her first film until she was 14 and had to travel around Munich on foot as she couldn't afford public transport.   She went on to have a twenty year career in, mainly German, TV and cinema.   

Colleen Farrington from October 1957

Finally, we have another mirror in October 1957's picture of Collen Farrington.  Photographer Peter Basch had her pose as a brunette, a blonde and a redhead for her Playboy pictorial.  Colleen was a top New York fashion model, particularly for Oleg Cassini.  Eight years later she would give birth to a baby girl who would grow up to be actress Diane Lane.  We always like a bathtime picture but this one is made by Colleen's amazing Zeppelin like breasts and the over the shoulder gaze.

So that's all for October but we should have November ready actually during the month itself this time!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Centrefold Venus of the Month 17: Chaonia, October 1974

Slightly late, as we are still catching up following our recent travels, is our October centrefold.  This pictorial is from Club international's October 1974 issue. 

The lady goes under the name of Chaonia which is certainly one of the more unusual aliases!   The text is all sorts of nonsense about her supposed background from Greece and Asia.  Whatever, she is an interestingly slightly ethnic sort of girl of just the type that Agent Triple P appreciates.

Thes pictures were taken by the then largely unknown Bob Carlos Clarke.  Robert Carlos Clarke (1950-2006) was born in County Cork the son of a retired major.  He studied at a number of public schools, including Wellington College.  After school he worked in journalism fro a time before studying design at Worthing College of Art in Sussex where he once said that he took up photography to get to know a girl in the year above him who did some part time modelling.  This obviously worked as she became his first wife.

Having taken up photography in his first year at Worthing he then did a full degree in the subject at the London College of Printing and went on to do his  MA  at the Royal College of Art in 1975. Whilst studying, to supplement his income, he started to submit pictures for magazines like Men Only and Club International such as this pictorial which was done when he was 24.

While he was at college a friend introduced him to the concept of rubber-wear and he became well known for his fetish themed pictures; something that later in his career he found had pigeon-holed him somewhat.  He was a pioneer of this sort of photography and was somewhat dismayed when it became a rather downmarket cliche.

From early on he became an obsessive printmaker, eventually becoming one the world's greatest exponents of the craft.  His views on erotica were quite clear. “Fashion,” he said “poses a far greater threat to modern woman than pornography, with its wild demands that she conform to that freakish body shape. Helmut Newton's work and my own accept the imperfections of women's bodies. We want to show women as they are."  He preferred to work with unknown girls rather than established models and would approach them in the street or in nightclubs.  Other than his striking and inventive erotic work he also did commercial work and portraits.  For his own pleasure he concentrated on still life studies of objects such as rocks and cutlery.

During the eighties he was one of the most successful photographer in Britain but work started to dry up in the nineties as magazine editors looked for new names.  In the end he had to resort to submitting work under an alias.  After he published his autobiographical book Shooting Sex in 2003 his depression, which had always been an issue got worse.  He was very effected by the death of his friend Patrick Lichfield at the end of 2005.  In early 2006 he was being treated for clinical depression but despite appearing to respond to treatment he committed suicide by jumping in front of a train at Barnes in west London.  In his 2003 book he had written:  "For the purposes of deification, an early and appropriate death is essential. If you want to qualify as a legend, get famous young, die tragically and dramatically, and never underestimate the importance of your unrepeatable, irreplaceable, iconic photographs."

Bob Carlos Clark photographed by his daughter

Now his work is much sought after by collectors and several of his portraits have appeared in the National Portrait Gallery; something that never happened to him during his lifetime.  In the end a number of things became too much for him; his own age (he was 55 when he died) whilst his models became younger and younger than him (he had numerous affairs with his models), his hatred for the pernicious spread of digital photography and its lack of craft and, in his own eyes, the lack of respect for his work from the photographic establishment; something he knew was partly because of his fame for taking erotic pictures of beautiful women.

These early student years pictures give very little hint of the craftsman and creator of iconic images he would later become but, of all of them, the one above, perhaps, demonstrates the sort of powerful erotic charge which many of his later images shared.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Most searched items: September 2010

The magnificent Linda Forsythe, not quite keeping it all under her belt.

Here are the top searches for September.

1 (1) Linda Lusardi. A big lead over number 2.
2 (2) Pubic Wars. Stays at number two.  Again.
3 (-) Linda Forsythe.  Straight in at number 3 for early seventies Playmate!
4 (4) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Steady as she goes.
5 (5) Polynesian Girls. Up No change hear either.
6 (3) Louann Fernald. Down a few.

Daina House displays

7 (-) Daina House. Another high new entry for seventies Playmate.
8 (17) Melodye Prentiss. Back into the top ten for sixties Playmate.
9 (-) Marilu Tolo.  New entry for Italian Pet and actress.
10 (-) Suzanne Saxon.  Another new entry for Pet of the Month from 1976.
11 (10) Evelyn Treacher. Third Pet in a row.
12 (-) Carol Willis.  Unexpected Playboy new entry.
13 (13) Gloria Root. Always there or thereabouts.
14 (6) Sue and Louise Elvin. Mother and daughter drop a little.
15 (-) Tom Poulton.  New entry for naughty British artist.
16 (-) Stella Stevens.  New Entry for January 1960 Playmate and actress.

Bonnie Dee Wilson

17 (-) Bonnie Dee Wilson.  New entry for seventies Pet.
19 (-) Paula Pritchett.  American actress who showed her fluff in Playboy before almost any other.
20 (11) Susan Ryder. Seventies Pet drops a few.

21 (-) Susan Waide.  Another seventies Pet.
22 (-) Jane Birkin.  British sixties actress.
23 (14) Hyapatia Lee. Always does well.
24 (-) Giselle Bundchen. New entry for lovely girl with the ugly surname.
25 (12) Jacqueline Kennedy.  Just stays in top 25.
Big changes this month with 13 names dropping out of the top 25 and a host of new entries although the top half dozen are pretty consistent.  Biggest new entry is Linda Forsythe, which is a bit of a surprise.

The top ten artistic searches were:

Two girls by Tom Poulton

1 (1) Tom Poulton. Stays at number one.
2 (-) Flaming June.  Re-entry for Lord Leighton's masterpiece.
3 (7) Herbert Draper. Back into the top three.
4 (-) Jeff Dunas. Ex glamour now fashion photographer.
5 (2) David Hamilton. Down a few for soft-focus specialist.
6 (3) Mario Tauzin. French artist just drops out of top 5.
7 (6) Anders Zorn. Swedish painter drops one..

8 (-) David Wright.  Re-entry for English pin-up artist.
9 (8) Lady Godiva by John Collier. Down one.
10 (-) Lord Leighton.  It's not just Flaming June.

Venus by the sea: In the Water by Eugene de Blaas

In the Water (1914)

Here is a nice one-off nude by Italian-born, Austrian painter Eugene de Blaas (1843-1932).  Blaas was born in Albano, near Rome, but spent much of his life in Venice where his father, who was also his original art tutor, was a professor at the Venice Academy.  Tourists visiting Venice wanted pictures of Venetian life and Blaas soon found a niche supplying pictures of gondoliers, fishermen and, above all, Venetian beauties in traditional costume.  His work was so popular in England two of the top art dealers of the time battled it out to represent him.

The Water Carrier (1908)

Sadly, this elegant nude, treading carefully in the shallows as a small shoal of fish darts past her legs, seems to be the only one that he did.  In all his other paintings, despite often displaying a smouldering Italian sensuality, his girls are clothed.  A lost opportunity, but perhaps for Blaas, a very commercial artist, sex didn't sell at the beginning of the last century.

 Young Italian Beauty

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bushy Venus: Nude on a Couch by Gustave Caillebotte

Nu au divan (1882)

One of the pictures Agent Triple P admired on his recent visit to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston was Gustave Caillebotte's The Orange Trees, which perfectly captures the experience of sitting in the shade on a very hot day in France.  It is a particularly cleverly composed picture with the sunlit path drawing the eye down to the figures in the shade who, otherwise, would look rather muted against the brightly lit background.

Les Orangers (1878) The figure in the foreground is the artist's brother, Marital and the girl is his cousin, Zoe.

Many of Caillebotte's paintings demonstrate strong perspective and geometric compositional aspects.  Although he exhibited at the second Impressionist exhibition in 1876 (notably with The Floor Scrapers; his early masterpiece) he was more a realist painter than the other impressionists at the time.   Born to a wealthy family Caillebotte (1848-1894) was the diametric opposite to the image an artist starving in a garret. 

Self-portrait (1892)

Caillebotte was born in the family home on rue Faubourg St.-Denis and qualified as a lawyer.  He started to paint as an amateur and studied under Léon Bonnat becoming skilled fairly quickly.  He entered  the École des Beaux-Arts but spent little time there.  A year later he inherited his father's fortune and was financially secure for life.

Unlike the other impressionists Caillebotte painted very few nudes and the few that he did are rather cool and  not particularly emotionally involving.  He died at the young age of 45, unmarried, although he was rumoured to have had a relationship with one Charlotte Berthier, a much younger working class woman who he remembered with a substantial bequest in his will.

Caillebotte in 1878

Possibly because he died young, or possibly because his own style varied a lot as he experimented with different techniques, he was largely forgotten and only in the last fifty years has he been rehabilitated somewhat. Perhaps his greatest impact was in his sponsorship and support of his fellow impressionists: paying the rent for Monet's studio and persauding the Louvre to buy Manet's Olympia, for example.  As a result, when he died in 1894 he left his collection of impressionists to the French government.  This included: 19 Pissaros, 14 Monets, 10 Renoirs, 9 Sisleys, 7 Degas,  5 Cézannes and 4 Manets!  Amazingly, the French authorities weren't keen on this and grudgingly accepted only 38 of the 68 paintings.  Renoir, as executor of his will retained a Degas and the other 29 were turned down again by the French government in 1904 and 1908.  Most of the remainder were sold to the American collector Albert C Barnes and can now be seen, as Agent Triple P did last year, in the Barnes Foundation Gallery in Philadelphia.

The work at the top of this post, nude on a couch, has been the subject of much speculation.  Some critics have interpreted it as a woman lying in shame after having had sex. More recently, in her book on Caillebotte, Norma Broude has said that in fact, given that the woman is playing with her nipple, she is in the process of arousing herself. Most agree, however, that the pose emphasises the private nature of the action given that the model is using her forearm to screen part of her face.  Whatever Caillebot intended, the attention to detail, from the belt mark around her waist, through the pattern on the couch to her magnificently rendered pubic hair generate a feel of voyeurism on a moment of quiet eroticism. Depiction of a woman's pubic hair in a finished painting like this would have been most unusual at the time and we would venture that it is the most tactilely successful portrayal of this area in the whole of painting.  Agent Triple P can almost feel it against the back of his fingers as he looks at it!

Femme Nue Etendue Sur Un Divan (1873)

His only other major female nude, Femme Nue Etendue Sur Un Divan is a magnificent, Courbet-like pastel and is rather more conventional in its pose and content; although, again, he depicts the model's pubic hair.  This is Caillebotte's first dated painting (1873) and was done in the year he entered the École des Beaux-Arts.  His fascination with the subtle play of light in interiors is ably demonstrated by his work on the shiny, striped sheet.

It is a shame Caillebotte didn't do more female nudes as these two paintings demonstrate both a great facility and the ability to create an enigmatic story.

Jungle Venus: Kayla Collins

Playmate Kayla Collins is off to the jungle

One of the more ridiculous "reality TV" programmes on British television is I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here!.  In this epic, which runs every day for what seems like months but is probably only a few weeks, a group of Z list clebrities are taken out into the middle of the Australian jungle where they have to camp. 

Gravity actually works on Kayla's bust

In reality they are only a few kilometres from the remarkably tasteless looking Palazzo Versace, where they are all put up before and after at no doubt enormous expense, but the makers of the series make it look like you have to fly for hours to get to the camp.

Even aerosol whipped cream tastes better than kangaroo's testicles

They then camp in the jungle and have to perform various challenges to earn food to eat.  Increasingly these challenges involve having to eat disgusting creatures or parts of creatures. 

Mylene showers her way to the top of the YouTube hit list in 2006

Agent Triple P, we are sorry to admit, enjoyed some of the earlier series but hasn't watched it since 2006 when washed up manufactured pop group singer Mylene Klass took a shower in a white bikini and launched a hugely lucrative career as a model and presenter on the back (er..) of it.

This year's version starts on Saturday and, surprisingly, we have actually heard of most of the celebrities.  A last minute addition, due to an already booked "star" dropping out is described in the press today as "Playboy model Kayla Collins". 

Kayla's centrefold

Now usually when the press describe someone as a Playboy model it means that they have had 1 picture in the magazine or appeared on Playboy TV for three minutes.  But no, further research shows that Miss Collins was an actual Playmate of the Month; for August 2008. 

An unusually revealing shot for a recent Playmate

More than that she sems to have a natural bust and no tattoos.  Hooray!  She is a rather petite 5'2" and 34-24-34.  Born in Pennsylvania she is 23 years old and, wait for it, has her own swimsuit line coming out next year.  Expect lots of shots of her soaping herself up in her new bikinis in the jungle camp shower.

She's not really Agent Triple P's type of girl, but we will no doubt tune in once or twice (pretty girls usually get voted out by the public fairly early on) to check out her qualifications.  So far they look rather sound.