Monday, October 1, 2012

Exagon Furtive E-GT Hd Wallpapers

Boom, all electrical and able to sprint to a hundred 3.5 seconds. We are talking about the French Exagon Furtive EGT. The design was introduced in 2010 and now they have a production version .. ehh almost done. Recently announced, the specs.
The sleek coupe is powered by a 57 kWh lithium-ion battery. Depending on the method enables the range up to 400 km. Unique Exagon Motors offers an optional range extender, a small internal combustion engine as a generator to produce electricity. Together with a 25-liter tank, the whole area eventually reached 800 km. Also notable is the choice for an e-transmission with three speeds.

Now you can see inside for the first time, which consists largely of carbon, interspersed with chic leather. The center console is filled with buttons and is under the larger central display is a mounted starter button. The watches are all digital.
GT built of carbon fiber and aluminum, the top speed is 287 km / h, but it was in a limited 250 km / h reduced. For an EV, this is still a great deal. The two electric motors from Siemens delivers 402 hp and 516 Nm true, a transmission with three contrast to the rear wheels.

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