Monday, October 29, 2012

Bond Girl Venus 2: Bérénice Marlohe -Skyfall

Bérénice Marlohe in Skyfall

Triple P went to see Skyfall on Sunday which is a truly tremendous film if not, perhaps, a traditional James Bond film.  In feel it is closer to the literary Bond, oddly, perhaps, that of John Gardner rather than Ian Fleming, but does at last achieve the "grittiness" that the producers have continued to strive for (unsuccessfully) since the days of Roger Moore.  Above all it's a proper film by a proper director made with proper actors. It has more character development than all of Roger Moore's films put together.

Skyfall does, however, have more humour than Daniel Craig's previous efforts and is the first time we have actually liked him as Bond.  Fortunately, he has indicated that he is happy to keep playing Bond. We will not comment on the plot of the film other than to say it is going to be a deserved hit.  The cinema, however, was full of children under ten and it is certainly not suitable for them, not least because it is quite dialogue heavy.  I suspect it's down to parents who remember the Roger Moore Bonds which were more like children's films and haven't registered that they have evolved.

Anyway, decorating Skyfall as principal Bond Girl was French actress Bérénice Marlohe who has leaped from relative obscurity as a bit part actress on French TV to stardom in one impressive leap.

Bérénice went after the role personally, rather than through her agent, by finding the name of the casting director and e-mailing them direct.

Half French with a Cambodian/Chinese father she was finding it difficult to get roles in France as she "wasn't French enough".  Now she has appeared in a hit film she seems to have no intention of working in France again.  Quite right too.  Your loss, our little froggy chums!

Some people have observed that she looks a little like Monica Belucci.  Well, she does in some photographs.  Whatever, she is an extraordinarily beautiful woman and, interestingly, in some pictures she looks completely western and in some quite oriental.  A neat trick!

She is a comparatively elderly 33 and spent ten years of that at the Paris Conservatoire studying classical piano.

If we have any criticism of her in Skyfall it's that she is plastered in far too much make-up but her beauty and elegance shines through, fortunately.

As a previous Bond might have observed: "shplendid!"

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