Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Space Venus: Zoe Saldana

At least this Uhura's hair looks like it might move about

The new Star Trek film gives us an excuse to post a few pictures of the gorgeous Zoe Saldana who plays Lt Uhura in the "prequel" to the original series.


She is 30 which seems quite old to play a young Uhura. Nichelle Nichols was in her early thirties when Star Trek was first shown in 1966 and William Shatner was only a year older. Yet the cast of the new film are supposed to be much younger versions of the originals.

Just an old fashioned girl

Never mind she looks quite splendid and we hope she gets to wear a Star Fleet regulation mini dress and boots!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sporting Venus: Alexandra Worisch

This splendid photograph by Tony Duffy has been much imitated since he took it during the European Swimming Championships in Split, Yugoslavia, in 1981.

5'5" Alexandra was competing in the synchronised solo event and finished in silver medal position behind Britain's Carolyn Wilson. At this point Great Britain did well at synchronised swimming but, typically, once it became an Olympic event (like Ice Dancing) we immediately became useless at it.

Alexandra was only fifteen at the time of the photo and went on to compete for Austria in the first Olympic synchronised swimming event at the Los Angeles games where she came tenth in both the solo and duet events.

A very animated Venus rising from the waves! She now works as a physiotherapist for the Austrian Institute for medical and sports scientific advice.

Alexandra today

Friday, April 3, 2009

Venus passing: Melodye Prentiss 1944-2009

Melodye Prentiss photographed by Pompeo Posar

Agent Triple P was sad to learn of the recent tragic death of Melodye Prentiss, Playboy Playmate of the Month for July 1968. She featured in one of our Pubic Wars postings as one of the first girls to flash their fur in the magazine's centrefold.

Pompeo and Melodye review her pictures

Born Melodye Panchesin in Chicago on December 14th, 1944 she studied fine art and painting at the University of Chicago and the Chicago Academy of fine arts. She was working as a part time researcher in the Playboy editorial library whilst at art school when she was asked to pose by photographer Pompeo Posar who ran into her in the lift of the Playboy building. A handy 5'5" tall and a trim 34-23-34 there weren't many Playmates when asked to list someone they admire who would have named Frank Lloyd Wright.

More recently she had a knee injury that required medication and latterly she was also prescribed more medication for a seperate chronic illness. The medicines reacted badly with each other and she was rushed to hospital with breathing problems. Unfortunately the idiots in the hospital connected her to an empty oxygen tank and she asphyxiated. A sad end for a lovely girl. Here she is in all her glory.
Melodye a couple of years ago

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Venus with nice feet

Girl with nice feet.

Had an enjoyable dinner with Agent DVD this week (a very nice bottle of Chateau Talbot) and he maintains that he never looks at this site stating "that's your pornographic site!" Hmm. Agent Triple P thinks there is nothing wrong with pornography provided some artistic effort goes into it. We are sensitive to the fact that many women don't agree with this (although rather more don't mind than we are led to believe) given that there have always been (justifiable) concerns about exploiting women. Even we aren't entirely convinced by models, pole-dancers and adult film actresses claiming that it is empowering to strip off for male (and indeed some female) "admirers". However, billions of women around the world are exploited in far worse ways by having to work seven days a week working in the home, in unregulated factories or as sex-slaves (and, no, we don't think that is a good concept).

We would rather have this site thought of as erotica (yes, and we know that there are some who think that is just a male, elitist term for pornography) but we choose our images carefully and for their artistic merit as much as their erotic effect (the latter being a very personal thing). We are encouraged by the fact that some of the comments on this site and the most searched items show that others appreciate our selection of nineteenth century nudes, for example.

Anyway, we are not going to change the direction of our blog whatever people think and rest assured that it will continue to present the very best images of women from history that we can find. So this picture is especially for agent DVD! Pornography or art? Or, possibly both!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Most searched for: March

Playboy v Penthouse. Most popular.

We have a dinky little application that lets us see what people are searching for when they arrive at this site.

For March the top 15 items were as follows:

1 The Pubic Wars. Lots of interest in the Playboy v Penthouse War of the seventies. More than twice the hits as number two in the list which was:

2 Liz Stewart. Playboy's Playmate of the Month for July 1984.

3 Venus Observations. People who remember the site but can't remember its address.

4 Gloria Root. Another Playboy Playmate but this time from December 1969.

5 Mary-Louise O'Murphy. Boucher's painting of Louis XV's 14 year old mistress (he was 42 at the time).
6 Liv Lindeland. Playboy's first pubic centrefold.

7 Jules- Joseph Lefebvre. French painter of naked women.

8 Hyapatia Lee. Part Cherokee "actress" and model.

9 Syrinx by Arthur Hacker. Victorian painting of doomed nymph.

10 Stephanie McLean. First full frontal Penthouse Pet and wife of Barry Sheene.

11 Marilyn Cole. Only British playmate of the Year.

12 Bonnie Large. We only mentioned her and didn't even put a picture in (must remedy that) but she is obviously popular.

13 Venus of Dolní Věstonice. The World's oldest known ceramic.

14 John Collier. Victorian painter, not the window to watch.

15 Melodye Prentiss. Another Playmate; this time from July 1968.

So quite a lot of Playboy Playmates but then there are a lot on the site. We are pleased by the interest in nineteenth century painters, however. Many more naked women to come in April!