Thursday, September 20, 2012

Porsche Panamera Vellano Forged Hd Cool Car Wallpapers

If you have the money, anything is possible. Similarly, the color (s) of your car. Unfortunately, taste is not for sale. The opinions on this Porsche Panamera project will be divided. One will think that the black top runs through beautifuly in the tinted windows, the other would like to pull off all the frills.
That the owner of this car has guts is clear. He chose a black-and-white color scheme, including white plastic bumpers / skirts and black accents in the air holes. For the finishing touch, there is a set of Vellano rims. This “VTO concave” wheels up to 22 inches and consists of a 3-piece forged modular construction with white gloss. Would this be your choice?

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