Sunday, September 23, 2012

2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

Unlike the concept car, it is not named the five-door CLS “Shooting Break” but “Shooting Brake”. With a length of 4956 mm, the car is only a few millimeters longer than the normal CLS. The boot has a capacity of 590 liters, but can be increased to 1550 liters by folding down the rear seat.
In order to distinguish the CLS from it’s less special branded edition, extra attention ispaid to a special finish. The most obvious option is a bed of classic American cherry wood. For those who don’t like that, there is also a edition with carpeted floor to get the aluminum luggage rails on the wooden floor standard. Each CLS Shooting Brake will get a power tailgate and rear air suspension on it. The latter provision is to ensure that the car with a heavy load will be on level.
On a motor level the Shooting brake is equal to a four-doored CLS, that is except the AMG version. This means that the 204 bhp 250 CDI four-cylinder engine is the entry level. The diesel version is in the form of a 350-CDI with 265 hp. On the gasoline range is a choice from the CLS 350 (306 hp), and the preliminary model, the CLS 500. The latter, a 408 hp V8 version is planned as the 350 CDI is available with 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Mercedes’ 7G-tronic automatic transmission is standard on all CLS’s.

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