Monday, September 24, 2012

Lamborghini Gallardo PD-L800 Hd Wallpapers

Lamborghini Galllardo PD-L800
German tuners Prior Design is well versed with givingcars from BMW and Mercedes Benz a fresh new look. This time round the tuning company has turned their attention to the Lamborghini Gallardo. The tuning company gave the Lambo sportscar a new style front bumper, new front and rear fenders with air vents, a roof scoop and rear wings, side skirts, a new PD rear bumper and GT3 style rear wing.
The new aerodynamic kit by Prior Design is named PD-L800. The tuned engine will now generate 800 hp. Parts added are made of Dura Flex FRP – Fiber Reinforced Plastic. All this comes at a price of US$15,900 (€12,900) though the more adventurous buyers can opt for a set of black alloy wheels and custom made exhaust system which will be charged extra.
Prior Design have confirmed that all parts added to the tuned model are top quality and needs no alterations to fit them which reduced installation costs. The material used possesses excellent surface finish resulting in enhanced flexibility and high stability and permits easy and inexpensive painting.

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