Friday, October 19, 2012

Most Popular Posts 2

As we have recently passed 4 million page views,  have logged more than 10,000 page views in one day for the first time and have just passed four years of Venus Observations we thought it might be time for another update on the top ten posts of all time here.  Also we are travelling at present so don't have access to our picture library for new posts!  We did this back in April so it is interesting to see what has changed in six months. Numbers represent page views, with numbers in brackets the previous position in the top 10.

1.  196,463 (1) Linda Lusardi in Mayfair  Still more than twice the views of the number two post but now not consistently the highest viewed page every month any more.  Still accounts for nearly 4.5% of the hits, though.

2. 85,599 (2) Drawings by Tom Poulton  Retains its number two position and stays the most popular art post here.  We intend to post more of his drawings soon.

3. 75,329 (4) The Pubic Wars 1976 part 4  Up one place for the most popular of our 21 (to date) posts on the Pubic Wars.

4. 65,251 (3) Polynesian Girls  Down a place for the South Seas lovelies.  As the winter approaches we are planning some more girls from the South Pacific to warm us up.

5. 53,417 (5) The Pubic Wars 1976 Part 3  Staying put at number 5 the third of our reviews of 1976 in US men's magazines.

6. 51,207 (-) Linda Lusardi in Fiesta  This didn't make our last top ten but Miss Lusardi's more brazen poses for Fiesta continue to score very highly.  Expect her to get to number 4 by next time.

7. 37,672 (7) Francoise Pascal  Retains her position as the second most popular centrefold here.

8. 33,513 (-) Bald versus Bushy  This is the fastest climber here and is consistently outscoring even Miss Lusardi at number one day by day.  It's also by far the most recent post. Expect it to march up the chart.

9. 33,513 (10) The Pubic Wars 5  This is an early version before we produced detailed year by year posts but still scoring highly.

10. 31,022 (-)  The Pubic Wars 1977 Part 2  A new entry for the second piece on the girls of 1977.

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