Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Venus with a snake 8: Katja Matko

Agent Triple P has been to Slovenia several times and has always been impressed by the beauty of their women, when wandering around the attractive centre of the country's capital, Ljubljana.  Agent Triple P took this photograph of the centre of Ljubljana one September evening in 2006 just before having an excellent dinner with his particular friend B; splendid local wine too!

We haven't had many Slovenian girls in Venus Observations yet so here is Katja Matko, Playboy Slovenia's Playmate of the Month for June 2009. 

5'6" tall Katja is from Slovenia's second largest city Maribor, most famous these days for being a regular venue for Alpine World Cup slalom ski races.  Less positively it was visited by Hitler shortly after the Germans annexed Lower Styria in 1941.

The yellow background looks very good in these pictures.  Katja is a medical student and her 35-24-35 anatomy is appropriately textbook.  The snake, as usual, is the ever popular python.  If you own a big python your chances of being asked to bring it along to be draped around a naked woman for a photoshoot must be quite good.

Perhaps this lucky fellow in the picture below is the proud owner of the python, in action during Katja's shoot in Ljubljana in 2009.

Here we can see her without her snake which has probably slithered off to have a couple of rats for lunch or something.  We have to say that it would be good if any of the current US Playboy's Playmates of the Month were as naturally gorgeous as this: no plastic bust, no ghastly tatoos and she even still has some pubic hair!

The lovely Katja was so popular she was chosen as Playboy Slovenia's Playmate of the Year and looked fresh-faced and natural when presented with the title in April 2010.

Katja is announced as Playmate of the Year last April

She appeared on the cover again in July 2010 in a new pictorial with her hair tied back and a lot shorter compared with the long, wilder look in her snake pictures from the previous year.

Katya looks sensational in her Playmate of the Year issue cover shot shot and displays a quite splendid posterior on this and inside the magazine. 

No doubt this is why she was chosen to model the Slovenian Cult bikes range in the mountains. Triple P enjoys cycling but does find it tricky getting up steep hills sometimes.  The sight of Katja in front of him could just give him the incentive he needs to reach the summit.

Yes. Triple P would follow you anywhere, young Katja!

Slovenian Playboy was first published in 2001 but from what we can see they are featuring lots of gorgeous and natural young women on their pages of which Katja is just one fine example.  American Playboy take note!

We think the sinuous Katja is perfectly s-s-s-splendid!

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