Saturday, February 5, 2011

Babydoll Venus: Cynthia Brooks

Cynthia Brooks' mother adjusts her babydoll

We came across this rather cute shot from 1957 just after we posted our previous babydoll piece. 

This young lady, Cynthia Brooks, was a failed actress who decided to go into the nightwear business.  She set up phone lines in 26 cities and distributed stickers with the telephone numbers on them. 

Give me a call

Callers would then be greeted with  a recorded message asking them to send $1 in exchange for four photographs of herself, as a first stage to building her nightwear business. 

Cynthia and her not really very naughty pictures

Needless to say the police were dubious, as were the telephone companies, as the lines were drawing up to 4,000 calls a day and jamming exchenges.  Triple P wonders if she ever made the $100, 000 she was aiming at.  She certainly deserved to!

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