Saturday, November 13, 2010

Most searched items: September 2010

The magnificent Linda Forsythe, not quite keeping it all under her belt.

Here are the top searches for September.

1 (1) Linda Lusardi. A big lead over number 2.
2 (2) Pubic Wars. Stays at number two.  Again.
3 (-) Linda Forsythe.  Straight in at number 3 for early seventies Playmate!
4 (4) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Steady as she goes.
5 (5) Polynesian Girls. Up No change hear either.
6 (3) Louann Fernald. Down a few.

Daina House displays

7 (-) Daina House. Another high new entry for seventies Playmate.
8 (17) Melodye Prentiss. Back into the top ten for sixties Playmate.
9 (-) Marilu Tolo.  New entry for Italian Pet and actress.
10 (-) Suzanne Saxon.  Another new entry for Pet of the Month from 1976.
11 (10) Evelyn Treacher. Third Pet in a row.
12 (-) Carol Willis.  Unexpected Playboy new entry.
13 (13) Gloria Root. Always there or thereabouts.
14 (6) Sue and Louise Elvin. Mother and daughter drop a little.
15 (-) Tom Poulton.  New entry for naughty British artist.
16 (-) Stella Stevens.  New Entry for January 1960 Playmate and actress.

Bonnie Dee Wilson

17 (-) Bonnie Dee Wilson.  New entry for seventies Pet.
19 (-) Paula Pritchett.  American actress who showed her fluff in Playboy before almost any other.
20 (11) Susan Ryder. Seventies Pet drops a few.

21 (-) Susan Waide.  Another seventies Pet.
22 (-) Jane Birkin.  British sixties actress.
23 (14) Hyapatia Lee. Always does well.
24 (-) Giselle Bundchen. New entry for lovely girl with the ugly surname.
25 (12) Jacqueline Kennedy.  Just stays in top 25.
Big changes this month with 13 names dropping out of the top 25 and a host of new entries although the top half dozen are pretty consistent.  Biggest new entry is Linda Forsythe, which is a bit of a surprise.

The top ten artistic searches were:

Two girls by Tom Poulton

1 (1) Tom Poulton. Stays at number one.
2 (-) Flaming June.  Re-entry for Lord Leighton's masterpiece.
3 (7) Herbert Draper. Back into the top three.
4 (-) Jeff Dunas. Ex glamour now fashion photographer.
5 (2) David Hamilton. Down a few for soft-focus specialist.
6 (3) Mario Tauzin. French artist just drops out of top 5.
7 (6) Anders Zorn. Swedish painter drops one..

8 (-) David Wright.  Re-entry for English pin-up artist.
9 (8) Lady Godiva by John Collier. Down one.
10 (-) Lord Leighton.  It's not just Flaming June.

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