Wednesday, November 17, 2010

October Venus: Cynthia Brimhall

Cynthia Brimhall from October 1985

Time to review October's offerings from the Bunny Mag over the last 55 years or so.  Not a classic month, October; we found that the top five very quickly became apparent.  There wasn't really an outstanding candidate as there have been some months and we were down to a choice of only two for our October centrefold of the month very quickly. 

Eventually we chose Cynthia Brimhall for a number of compelling reasons.  Firstly, she has a nicely smouldering femme fatale expression; no girl next door here.  She looks like she is ready for a night of passion with you knowing that she has already sabotaged the brakes on your car and drained your bank account.  Secondly, the combination of black stockings and lace gloves on her pale skin looks tremendous.  Thirdly, photographer Richard Fegley has done an excellent job of lighting the contours of her splendid body.  Finally, she has a wonderfully fluffy looking pussy that makes Agent Triple P's fingers twitch with anticipation of a delightfully tactile fingertip experience.   Cynthia later featured heavily in the series of low budget exploitation films by Andy Sidaris which just seem to exist in order to give former Playmates "acting" roles.  Any why not?  She later went on to be a Las Vegas showgirl starring in the Skintight revue at Harrah's in 2000 and 2001.

Brittany York from October 1990

Almost making it to number one was the this cute shot of Miss October 1990, Brittany York.  Brittany is actually English and was born in High Wycombe (nor far from where Agent DVD comes from) but was brought up in Hong Kong.  Under her real name of Alison Armitage she has had a reasonably successful modelling, TV and film career.  Photographer Arny Freytag has certainly encapsulted innocent but naughty in this shot which has a sort of French feel to it.   In fact "Brittany" has some French blood and is a fluent French speaker.  Ooh la la!

Tracy Vaccaro from October 1983

Back seven years to Tracy Vaccaro, a classically trained dancer, in another Arny Freytag shoot.  Her career was rather the oposite of Brittany's as she started as a Las Vegas showgirl and then became an actress appearing in several US TV series.  In addition, her ballet toned legs famously won a competition/audition to appear as the "legs" in Blake Edwards The Man who Loved Women (1983) shortly before she appeared in Playboy.  Her splendid muscle tone is evident in this shot as his her magnificent golden fleece.  We also like the fact that she is on a sunbed.  A couple of years after this was taken Agent Triple P was involved with a young lady who belonged to the same gym as he did in London.  We used to book into one of the sunbed rooms and take it in turns for a little unhealthy ultraviolet during the winter months.  There was something delightfully illicit about both going into the sunbed room together (which was strictly forbidden) and it always seemed to get the young lady very frisky!

Ursula Buchfellner from October 1979

Mirror shots such as this are relatively unusual in Playboy compared with Penthouse which featured them a lot.  This particularly effective shot of Miss October 1979, Ursula Buchfellner, was by German photographer Peter Weissbrich who had discovered her in Munich and had her pose for German Playboy.  As a child she was so poor she didn't get to see her first film until she was 14 and had to travel around Munich on foot as she couldn't afford public transport.   She went on to have a twenty year career in, mainly German, TV and cinema.   

Colleen Farrington from October 1957

Finally, we have another mirror in October 1957's picture of Collen Farrington.  Photographer Peter Basch had her pose as a brunette, a blonde and a redhead for her Playboy pictorial.  Colleen was a top New York fashion model, particularly for Oleg Cassini.  Eight years later she would give birth to a baby girl who would grow up to be actress Diane Lane.  We always like a bathtime picture but this one is made by Colleen's amazing Zeppelin like breasts and the over the shoulder gaze.

So that's all for October but we should have November ready actually during the month itself this time!

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