Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Most Searched Item: June 2010

Linda Lusardi: an unassailable position?

Here, somewhat delayed, are the most popular searched items for June (last month's ranking in brackets).

1 (1) Linda Lusardi. Stays at number one but with the highest score ever.
2 (2) Pubic Wars. Stays at number two.

Evelyn Treacher

3 (6) Evelyn Treacher. First US edition Penthouse Pet makes the podium.
4 (3) Louann Fernald. Out the top three for the first time in six months.
5 (9) Sofia Helqvist. Swedish royal's dodgy girlfriend climbs significantly.
6 (4) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Drops an unusual two places this month.
7 (5) Sue and Louise Elvin. Mother and daughter hang on in top 10 for another month.
8 (8) Polynesian Girls. South Seas lovelies hold steady.

Marguerite Empey

9 (18) Marguerite Empey/Diane Webber. Twice a Playmate continues her rise in popularity.
10 (14) Alenka Bikar. Up again for Slovenian sprinter.
11 (15) Barbara Hillary. Another rise for Playmate Barbara.
12 (10) Lani Todd. A more recent Playmate doing well.
13 (11) Jennifer Lewis. Back to where she was in April for Playboy cyber-girl.
14 (16) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Small rise for popular painting.
15 (12) Gloria Root. Sixties Playmate is always there or there abouts.
16 (-) Stephanie McLean. Re-entry for model wife of Barry Sheene.
17 (7) Melodye Prentiss. Another sixties Playmate who features regularly.
18 (13) Susan Ryder. Seventies Pet stays in another month.
19 (21) Ulla Lindstrom. The Sun's first Page 3 girl climbs back into the top 25.
20 (-) Kelly Brook. New entry for the ubiquitous Kelly.
21 (-) Yvette Vickers. Fifties Playmate has a first time entry.
22 (-) Veronica Zemanova. Re-entry for once dominant Czech.
23 (-)Laura Misch. New entry for Playboy Playmate from the seventies.
24 (-) Piranha 3D. First time a film has got into a top spot. Two reasons why.
25 (-) Claudia Toth. Austrian curling babe.

Seven new or re-entries this month. Evelyn Treacher's number three spot is the biggest surprise pushing aside some more regular high scoring entries. Marguerite Empey is the biggest climber as last months score was only a partial month. Linda Lusardi is hundreds of searches ahead of number two.

The top ten artistic searches were:

1 (1) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Fourth month at number one.
2 (3) Lord Leighton's Flaming June. Up a spot this month for orange masterpiece.
3 (3) David Hamilton. Stays in top three.
4 (4) Mario Tauzin. French artist stays at four.
5 (-) Arthur Hacker Syrinx. New entry for Victorian classical painting.
6 (9) Lady Godiva by John Collier. Up a few places again.
7 (-) Aridane asleep on the Island of Naxos by John Vanderlyn. Early American nude re-enters.
8 (5) September Morn. Chabas' popular "naughty" painting.
9 (-) Victoire O'Murphy by Boucher. Marie Louise's sister posed with clothes on.
10 (-) David Wright. English pin-up artist.

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