Thursday, August 26, 2010

Most searched Item: July 2010

Kelly Brook (2010). Up 13 places in July

Here, somewhat delayed due to holidays, are the most popular searched items for July (last month's ranking in brackets). The first three items haven't changed.

1 (1) Linda Lusardi. Another month at number one.
2 (2) Pubic Wars. Stays at number two.
3 (3) Evelyn Treacher. Hangs on to a podium place.
4 (6) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Back up for schoolmate Playmate.
5 (4) Louann Fernald. Drops another place this month.
6 (7) Sue and Louise Elvin. Mother and daughter pop up one.
7 (20) Kelly Brook. A new film, a poster and a Playboy appearance can make a difference!
8 (12) Lani Todd. Most popular recent Playmate.
9 (9) Marguerite Empey/Diane Webber. Holding steady for belly-dancing mermaid.
10 (15) Gloria Root. Sixties Playmate climbs back up.
11 (10) Alenka Bikar. Down one for Slovenian sprinter with mobile behind.
12 (5) Sofia Helqvist. Swedish royal's dodgy girlfriend drops this month.
13 (8) Polynesian Girls. South Seas lovelies lose their appeal in summer?
14 (13) Jennifer Lewis. cyber girl drops one.
15 (24) Piranha 3D. It's going to be rubbish, you know.
16 (25) Claudia Toth. Big jump for Austrian curling babe.
17 (-) Hyapatia Lee. Re-entry for long-haired "actress".

Jane Birkin 1970

18 (-) Jane Birkin. First entry for sixties groovy chick.
19 (19) Ulla Lindstrom. Holding steady for first Page 3.
20 (17) Melodye Prentiss. Another sixties Playmate who features regularly.
21 (18) Susan Ryder. Seventies Pet hangs in another month.
22 (-) Paula Pritchett. Fluff flashing actress re-enters.
23 (-) Claire Rambeau. Back in for lovely Playmate.
24 (-)Maureen O'Hara. Back in for Hollywood classic star.
25 (22) Veronica Zemanova. Busty Czech just stays in.

Biggest climber is Kelly Brook. Biggest faller this month is Playmate Barbara Hillary who dives out from last months 11th spot. The highest first time entry is Jane Birkin.

The top ten artistic searches were:

1 (4) Mario Tauzin. First time at number one for French etcher.
2 (3) David Hamilton. English girlie photographer.
3 (-) Herbert Draper. First time entry for last of the classicists
4 (-) Tom Poulton. First time entry for naughty British artist.
5 (2) Lord Leighton's Flaming June. most popular individual painting.
6 (10) David Wright. English pin-up artist.
7 (-) Gil Elvgren. American pin-up artist.
8 (-) Fritz Willis. Another US pin-up master.
9 (6) Lady Godiva by John Collier.
10 (1) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Drops from number one after four months at the top.

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