Monday, May 17, 2010

Most popular items April 2010

Linda Lusardi

Here are the most popular searched items for April (last month's ranking in brackets).

1 (2) Linda Lusardi. Climbs one place to the top with three times the searches of number two.
2 (1) Pubic Wars. Drops one this month.
3 (3) Louann Fernald. Third for the fourth month in a row.
4 (7) Melodye Prentiss. Back up again.
5 (4) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Drops another place this month.
6 (5) Sue and Louise Elvin. Mother and daughter stay in contention.
7 (12) Evelyn Treacher. big climb for first US edition Pet.
8 (8) Lani Todd. Same as last month for Playmate.
9 (-) Sofia Helqvist. Highest new entry for Swedish royal's fancy woman.
10 (6) Alenka Bikar. Easily the most popular sportswoman on the site.
11 (9) Polynesian Girls. Just drop out of the top ten this month.
12 (11) Gloria Root. Down one for sixties Playmate.
13 (-) Jennifer Lewis: Cyber-girl returns after time in the wilderness.
14 (15) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Boucher's nude by royal appointment.
15 (14) Stephanie McLean. Holding steady for Penthouse's first pubic Pet.
16 (16) Ulla Lindstrom. The Sun's first Page 3 girl stays in top 20.
17 (10) Veronika Zemanova. Busty Czech rebounds.
18 (-) Flaming June. Leighton's painting jumps in amongst the centrefolds.
19 (-) Mario Tauzin. Racy French artist makes first appearance in top 20.
20 (-) Marilu Tolo. Italian actress appears for first time.

The top ten artistic searches were:

1 (1) Marie Louise O'Murphy. Second month at number one.
2 (2) Flaming June. Holds on to second.
3 (3) Mario Tauzin. Top three remain the same.
4 (-) La Verite. Lefebvre's symbolist nude.
5 (-) Aphrodite Kyrene. North African statue recently reurned to Libya.
6 (10) Lady Godiva. Back up for horse lady.
7 (4) September Morn. Chabas' controversial painting.
8 (8) David Hamilton. A good showing considering we only have one picture by him up.
9 (-) David Wright. Forties and Fiftes pin up artist.
10(-) Eve Tempted by Hiram Powers. American classical sculptor.

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