Friday, May 28, 2010

May Venus: Marguerite Empey

Marguerite: reigns supreme

This month we look at the House of Rabbit's May offerings. There are 58 to choose from with only eight in horizontal format (compared with last month's ten). The winner is easy. It is Marguerite Empey from May 1955 who we have featured extensively in an earlier post.

Quite simply, Hal Adam's picture of Marguerite is one of the best ever Playboy centrefolds but we feel we should look at some of the runners up for May. We quickly narrowed it down to eight contenders and from these have selected the following four.

Firstly, we have Diana Lee from May 1988 who is included because she looks sensationally damp; covered in droplets of what you wish were sweat and also because she has to get credit for holding what looks like a very uncomfortable pose on very hard wooden furniture!

Next, from May 1981, we present Gina Goldberg, photgraphed by Arny Freytag. Three things tickle Agent Triple P's fancy here: the long string of pearls, the one stocking and the glimpse of fluff at her rear end. Enticing!

Our third eighties girl is the peerless Susie Scott with her amazing hair. Enough said.

Finally, the picture that would have won if it hadn't been for Marguerite, is from May 1954 and features Joanne Arnold, coincidentally the girl featured in our Marguerite post shown posing for Hal Adams' Hartog shirts advertisement. The zebra skin, of course, is what makes it such a striking image.

Well, it is nearly June already so we had better start reviewing next month's candidates!

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