Monday, March 1, 2010

Most Popular Items: February 2010

From October 1971 Claire Rambeau does water nymph really well.

Here are the most popular searched items for February (last month's ranking in brackets). Only four new entries this month which shows consistency and staying power for most in the list. The lovely Claire Rambeau has come from nowhere this month to jump in at number six.

1 (2) Elizabeth Ann Roberts. Back on top for junior Playmate from the Fifties.
2 (1) Pubic Wars. Drops to number two, but another new episode last week.
3 (3) Louann Fernald. Holding her third spot from January.
4 (15) Hyapatia Lee. Showing that last month's drop was just a blip.
5 (12) Gloria Root. Back up too for Sixties Playmate.
6 (-) Claire Rambeau. Highest new entry for classically beautiful Playmate from the Seventies.
7 (4) Sue and Louise Elvin. Australian mother and daughter stay in top ten.
8 (5) Lani Todd. Recent Playmate still popular.
9 (9) Alenka Bikar. Holding steady for Slovenian track and field Goddess.
10 (18) Polynesian Girls. Big climb for tropical island tottie.
11 (8) Melodye Prentiss. Always in the top twenty.
12 (13) Ulla Lindstrom. Up one for The Sun's first Page 3 girl.
13 (7) Jennifer Lewis. Cyber girl hangs in there.
14 (10) Evelyn Treacher. First US Penthouse Pet remains popular.
15 (20) Susan Ryder. Up five for Pubic War Penthouse Pet.
16 (14) Lenna Sjööblom. Back to where she was in December for scanners' delight.
17 (11) Veronika Zemanova. The slide continues for impossibly proportioned Czech "model".
18 (-) Tamara Santerra. Surprise new entry for early Seventies Pet.
19 (-) Flaming June. Lord Leighton's masterpiece returns to the top twenty.
20 (-) Maureen O'Hara. Perpetually popular and beating off an awful lot of hot girlies to stay in the top twenty.

The top ten artistic searches were:

1 (2) Flaming June. Back to number one for Victorian orange fantasy.
2 (3) Marie-Louise O'Murphy. Boucher's plump bottomed cutie.
3 (5) Lady Godiva. The Anglo Saxon girl on a horse.
4 (-) La Verite. Jules Joseph Lefebvre's girl with a light.
5 (-) Mario Tauzin. New entry for naughty French etchings artist.
6 (4) David Hamilton. English photographer lives in South of France and takes pictures of naked young women. Sensible.
7 (-) Ariadne asleep on the Island of Naxos by John Vanderlyn. Popular American nude with a very long title.
8 (1) September Morn. Chabas' controversial nymphet loses ground.
9 (8) David Wright. Forties and fifties pin-up artist.
10 (6) Syrinx by Arthur Hacker. Victorian take on pan-pipes legend.

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