Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Venus from the rear: photographs by Andrea Seekircher

We recently came across a selection of pictures by German photographer Andrea Seekircher. Born in 1969 she started as a model but switched to photography and now makes her home in Dusseldorf.

Agent Triple P appreciates a finely wrought posterior and so, obviously, does Andrea as these photographs show. Most of her models are amateurs as she offers a glamour shoot package for ordinary women. Agent Triple P thinks he needs to move to Dusseldorf if these are ordinary women there!

Triple P once had a young lady who pointed out that of women's three anatomical points of atrraction: legs, bust and bottom, the latter was the one for the most primitive men. Given how well the aforementioned L looked in tight jeans she may well have just been baiting us, however.

I wonder whether our German friend B would fancy a trip to Dusseldorf? Given the high quality of her own posterior who knows...?

Nice droplets.

You'd have to crawl in those heels; walking would be impossible!

Words fail us!

The end.

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