Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2011 acadia

2011 acadia
After a lot of rumors GMC fans have got the final version of 2011 Acadia. They are really lucky as GMC has brought this vehicle model with a gorgeous outlook and luxurious driving elements. Anyone will be stunned to see its external view. 2011 Acadia has got its revelation as a full size vehicle with three row crossover. This model from GMC can be aggressively compared to the model GMC Yukon. Yukon includes heavier platform than Acadia, and it has the capability to carry weighty loads. On the other hand the vehicle model 2011 Acadia is comparatively light. Thanks to designers to design Acadia as highly fuel efficient vehicle model.
At the 2010 Detroit Auto show Acadia has got its revelation. From its beginning 2011 Acadia has got a positive response from customers. Market analysis report shows that Acadia model from GMC has a great craze in the latest auto market. Here comes the success of GMC, and aaal thanks goes to engineers and designers. GMC has paid a great attention to this vehicle to represent it as a next generation Vehicle.

It has got monochromic exterior with exceptional chrome honeycomb grille. Specialty of this vehicle is its unique front and rear design. Other mentionable features are HID headlights, dual chrome exhaust tips and unique rocker moldings. 20 inches alloy wheels are nicely designed to provide perfect outfit with all-season tires, and its wheels have got two color tones. Hubs have got black tone and bright chrome has been given to spokes.
Interior of the vehicle has got luxurious element attachments with a nice combination of colors. Laminated glass bears the sign of its treatment. Improvement is also brought to its sound deadening system, and it is highly insulated from external noises. Highly cushioned leathered seats ensure comfortable journey. Steering wheel and door panels have got mahogany inserts.

Get the feeling of nature with its rear and front sunroofs. In technological suits significant changes have been brought by the manufacturer. Quality navigation system, head up display, Bose audio, Bluetooth, XM, USB port and rearview camera and so on are mentionable features of this vehicle model. To company you on long journeys the rear seats have got DVD entertainment system. Safety features of Acadia are stability control system, tire pressure monitoring system and traction control and so on.
According to manufacturer details this vehicle model is featured with a 3.6 liter heavy duty V-6 engine. It is capable of generating 288 bhp to run the vehicle. To transmit generated power efficiently in to wheels there is 6-speed automatic transmission system. Road test update of 2011 Acadia from GMC states that its EPA ratings in city and highway are 17 mpg and 24 mpg accordingly. It has got upgraded suspension to neutralize road jerking.
GMC has smartly designed this vehicle with seating capacity for 7 to 8 passengers. You can easily have a nice trip on holidays with your family if you have 2011 GMC Acadia with you. From sources we came to know that its price ranges from $32810 to $46190.
2011 acadia

2011 acadia

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