Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Venus with a snake 9: Angelique Ashley

Well, technically she is a venus with snakes, in the plural.  Here from Men Only volume 37, number 4 (April 1972) is Angelique Ashley one of the performers featured in a pictorial that month from the new Festival of Erotica at the Raymond Revuebar in London's Soho.

Paul Raymond's magazines regularly featured performers from his London shows; no doubt as a way to get a nice, cheap pictorial as well as publicise them to his readers.

The Raymond Revuebar, for a long time the only place in Britain to see the sort of nude shows seen in Paris and the US, operated from 1958 until 2004.  The Festival of Erotica show, mainly consisting of women strippers but also some male dancers (like Milovan of Milovan and Serena), ran for up to three shows a night.

Although many of the performers were continental (especially French) Angelique was from England.  In the end the Raymond Revuebar was brought down by the increasing number of pole dancing and lap dancing clubs in central London and its Parisian style stage shows started to look more and more old fashioned.  Raymond sold the show in 1997 but it finally closed in 2004 with the new show owner claiming, ironically, that the rents Raymond (who still owned the theatre building) charged finally put paid to it.

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