Monday, April 18, 2011

Centrefold Venus of the Month, April: Dulcie Scott

Agent Triple P was wondering who to feature as this month's centrefold and had about six possibilities but, for some unfathomable reason, kept coming back to this one from Men Only Volume 39 number 4 (April 1974).

We have been unable to track down anything about this model but we are pretty certain that she did not live "in a small commune in a converted Elizabethan farmhouse in Kent."


Despite being photgraphed by the usually reliable Amnon Bar-Tur, she doesn't really engage with the viewer; failing to deliver a smile or even a convincing approximation of sultry.  She just lies there really.  Maybe she had been having a really bad day or maybe she was only posing in desperation to pay off her gas bill.

And yet, there is something about her we respond to.  Perhaps it's because we have experienced (more than)our share of sulky women.

Partly, it is the typical mid-seventies boudoir effect with the scattered fabric throws, the inevitable potted plants and the rather fetching stockings and garters.  Maybe it's that big brimmed hat.

Really we think it is "Dulcie" herself, however.  She does not look like the usual girls in these magazines with her big pouty lips and full, round cheeks.  Her body is chunky and solid and she has a little bit of a tummy, which we like, with a big bust.  Her legs are always artfully cut off and we would venture that she is probably quite short.

We wouldn't be indelicate enough to say that she was fat just that her mid-section looks squeezably solid.

The bunches make her look like a naughty schoolgirl from a past century.  Maybe she is attending one of those girls' finishing schools in Switzerland you always used to get in  period erotic films made in the seventies.  Always lots of skinny dipping in the lake and illicit goings on between girls in the dormitory.

The oily ones work as oily ones always do, although this is a trick glamour photographers tend to use when they have to disguise a model who has managed to get herself sunburnt whilst on location.  With an inside location Triple P just kept worrying about her making nasty marks on her bedclothes.

So, Dulcie, you do look very squeezable but we just wish you had looked as if you were enjoying yourself a bit more!

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