Thursday, March 31, 2011

One million visits!

At some point overnight Venus Observations topped one million visitors since we set it up in September 2008.  229 posts later and now with nearly 100 followers (another milestone we hope to reach shortly) our very first post featured the prehistoric female figure discovered at Dolní Věstonice in the Czech Rebublic.

Our next few posts featured the Czech photographer Jan Saudek, volupuous model Veronika Zemanova and a painting by Boucher which, together, really sum up most of what this site is about.

The only aspect not covered in those early posts was that of vintage mens' magazines.  However, a month later we posted our first piece on the Pubic Wars (a piece which we think probably now needs revising) and saw our visitor numbers start to rise rapidly.  Five out of our ten most popular posts relate to the Pubic Wars but the top spot belongs to the piece about Linda Lusardi and she seems pretty unassailable in this position.

The top art post belongs to English erotic artist Tom Poulton and we plan to feature more of his work on our Seduction of Venus site in the near future.

We currently get somewhere between 1,000 and 1,500 visitors a day looking at 3,000 to 4,000 pages.

We appreciate hearing from those regulars and others who comment on our rambling.  One never knows with the internet but we appear to have been contacted by friends and relations of some of the young ladies featured here and also by one of the photographers and one of the subjects themselves.  The comments and the context ring true anyway. 

We actually do have a (somewhat flexible, we have to admit) plan as to what we might feature in the future although it often takes longer to research and find pictures than we expected.  So we are still working towards pieces on artists JW Waterhouse, Gustave Klimt, Rodin, Ingres and William Russell Flint.  Some actresses we plan to feature include January Jones and Jessica Pare from Mad Men together with Elke Sommer and an old favourite Barbara Carrera.  We will continue to feature some of our regular favourites such as girls with snakes, redheads and sportswomen.  Of course we will still have our regular centrefold features but we are close to completing our monthly review of Playboy centrefolds.  We are considering a piece on Playboy and  Penthouse covers too.  As for the Pubic Wars pieces we were going to stop at the end of the seventies but may go forward to the mid eighties now, as they seem so popular.

Finally, we would like to thank three young ladies in particular who have helped source some of the pictures, helped with translation and have given suggestions as to content.  So thank you to B in Wiesbaden, A in Stockholm and S in Vancouver.  Thanks also to those who regularly leave comments (especially CJ in Texas) and HMS in Bath whose comments are usually engagingly critical!

Here's to the next million!

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