Friday, July 29, 2011

Venus with a snake 10: Leonor Varela

It's time for another Venus with a snake so here is the sultry Chilean actress/model Leonor Varela snuggled up to the requisite reptile.

Until we found this picture we had not been aware of Ms Varela which is a shame as she looks very much like Agent Triple P's sort of woman.

As an actress she is best known for appearing in the title role of Cleopatra, one of those dreadful Hallmark mini-series set in the ancient world which Triple P is so addicted to and tends to pick up on sale in HMV in Canada.  Triple P actually has this series on DVD but hasn't watched it yet, something we will now do.

Leonor was born in Santiago, Chile the daughter of a neuroscientist and a massage therapist.  Her mother is of mixed French, Hungarian and Syrian descent which explains her exotic looks.

Varela was born at the end of 1972 but the following year her family fled Chile following the military coup led by General Pinochet.  They moved to Costa Rica and then Paris.  When her parents moved back to Chile in the early nineties she remained in Paris where she studied acting.

She appered in her first TV series at the age of thirteen and has worked in French, US and Chilean productions on both TV and in the cinema.  She appeared in The Tailor of Panama (2001), Blade II (2002) and Stargate: Atlantis.  During her time on Cleopatra (1999) she started going out with co-star Billy Zane and they actually got engaged before he went off with Kelly Brook.


Lenor is very interested in matters relating to the conservation of the ocean and is a supporter of the Save the Whales Again campaign, which gives her bonus points in Agent Triple P's book

Ms Varela is now 38 and still looking extremely gorgeous, we have to say, and is a very fine example for the first Chilean Venus on this site.

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