Saturday, January 22, 2011

Venus with a Snake: 8 Noémie Lenoir

Whilst researching for the previous post we came across these shots of gorgeous French model and actress Noémie Lenoir.  She is best known, here in the UK, for being the lingerie model who has, until recently, regularly featured in the blockbuster Christmas TV adverts for Marks and Spencer (a retailer who, until comparatively recently was famous for not advertising on TV). 

Noémie in the M&S 2009 Christmas TV advert which 6 people thought was "offensive and demeaning to women"  Just jealous that they didn't look that good in knickers, we think!

The 2009 version received a number of complaints (well, eight) to the Advertising Standards Authority over a very brief sequence of Noémie prancing around a fake forest in lingerie.  It was sexist. the complainants maintained.  Good grief!

Born in France she has a French father and her mother comes from the island of La Réunion and has Malagasy blood which explains her exotically lovely looks.  She was spotted by Ford models at the age of sixteen and the 5'10" tall model has had a high profile career modelling for  L'Oréal, Gap, Next and Victoria's Secret

Noémie displays herself for Sports Illustrated

She has also appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.  Noémie has, more recently, appeared in a number of minor film roles.  She has gone through the de rigeur relationships with a rapper, a footballer and a millionaire playboy but was taken to hospital last year after a suspected suicide bid.

This was all at a time when her boyfriend, Zurich-based playboy Carl Hirschmann, was under investigation for alleged sex, blackmail and extortion activities involving other models.  Basically, he would film them having sex with him, it is said, and then try to blackmail them over it.  Why is not clear as he certainly doesn't need the money.

Hirschmann, who had previoulsy numbered Paris Hilton, actress Tara Reid, former Miss Switzerland, Whitney Toyloy, and Israeli model Bar Rafaeli as his girlfriends (unfair, surely) was also accused of havig sex with a 15 year old model. Lenoir was supposed to be distraught over the stories coming out about Hirschman.  He sounds like an utter slimeball, actually, Noémie.

Late last year it apeared that the fabulously wealthy Mr Hirschmann had been let off all charges.  Hmm.

Sadly, Noémie was dropped by Marks and Spencer last year (before the suicide bid).  She had a larger part than usual in her last film, Rush Hour 3 (2007) so maybe we will see her on the big screen again.

Noémie.  Attracted to snakes

Her snake (another albino python) pictures are rather good although we can't help think feeling that whilst having a live snake for an accessory is sort of justifiable in a studio shoot or outside, its presence in a house is rather harder to reason.

Why someone with such a lovely body would despoil it with tattoos is, as ever, inexplicable.  Anyway we hope Mlle Lenoir is feeling more positive about her life and continues to brighten up the planet.

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