Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en: Witch Venus by Gil Elvgren

The celebration of All Hallows Eve in the UK has increased enormously over the last decade.  When Agent Triple P was a child it was not marked at all.  Indeed Triple P remembers being invited to a Hallowe'en party in Banff in Canda in 1994 and still finding it odd as a peculiarly North American thing.  After all, we have Guy Fawkes night in the UK.  Sadly, the latter is falling out of fashion in the UK due to health and safety concerns over the public letting off large amounts of explosives willy nilly (alright, we know that gunpowder is not technically an explosive) and politically correct notions that burning effigies of Catholics is perhaps not acceptable. 

Anyway, we will be in an Arabian country this evening so we are sure that there will be no Hallowe'en antics at our hotel and certainly no costumes as fetching as S's belly dancing one from that first Hallow'en party in 1994.  So we will just leave you with this nice Gil Elvgren witch and note that she isn't  a real witch as her broomstick is suspended on wires!

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